Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So I Was Thinkin...

I've just had a lot of changes in my life, well not really but the one change was the cause of other changes anyway, so I decided hmmm maybe I should start a blog. Actually no thats a lie. I was on Facebook (its the devil!) and I saw a girl who had one and I checked hers out and thought OH! How cool! So here I am. Does that make me a biter...Hope not. Cuz I really wasn't trying to bite off of her. Well this is my first day as a blogger (tee hee dont I sound so techno-savvy!) and even though I have ALOT to say I dont want to over do it, ya know! I have a splitting headache, so much so that I couldnt even watch Family Guy [insert Gasp], so I really need to hit the hay.

But the next time we talk, know that I will have lots more to say cuz Im what...

Feeling Some Kinda Way

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